Introducing Monsieur Cheesy

Indulge in the Gold Coast's exclusive and finest French Raclette experience with Monsieur Cheesy! We are your go-to destination for mouthwatering French cuisine, offering a variety of French raclette cheese-based delights.


Craving an authentic and traditional French raclette? Your search ends here at The ROYALE PLATE. This absolute treasure offers everything you'd imagine from a classic raclette in Annecy, France. Featuring perfectly cooked potatoes, savory prosciutto and salami, tangy cocktail onions, crisp gherkins, and the luscious melt of authentic French Raclette cheese. (Gluten-free and vegetarian options available)

Presenting our all-time favourite and best-selling dish The GOURMET BAGUETTE. Our signature sandwich features a freshly baked "Organic French flour" sourdough baguette filled with mouthwatering prosciutto and perfectly melted raclette cheese.

Introducing the Gourmet Baguette Vegetarian: our freshly baked sourdough baguette, layered with crisp lettuce, tangy pickles, and topped with lusciously melted raclette cheese. A vegetarian twist on a classic, ready to enchant your taste buds.

Curious for the full French experience? Indulge in our exclusive offer featuring the beloved French sparkling drinks "Orangina" in original or blood orange flavors. As the sole provider of these beverages on the Gold Coast, seize the opportunity to savor something uniquely delightful.Why not embark on a taste journey with us?